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What We Treat

Hampton Roads Urgent Care will save time and money, and provide immediate access to orthopaedic specialists and industry-leading diagnostic equipment for your injury. We are open after-hours to better serve the community and provide expert care for patients on a walk-in basis. No need to wait for hours in the emergency department — we can treat injuries in the following areas:

Orthopaedic Urgent Care or the Emergency Room?

Knowing whether to choose our orthopaedic urgent care or an emergency room can save you significant time and money. The majority of orthopaedic injuries can be safely and effectively treated at an orthopaedic urgent care. As long as there isn’t excessive bleeding, a severe arm or leg deformity, or life threatening concerns, an orthopaedic urgent care such as HRUC is the best option for treatment.

The emergency room is best equipped to provide care for those with severe musculoskeletal or traumatic injuries.

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No Appointment Necessary

When your family needs immediate medical attention, you want quality care that’s close to home.  The experienced physicians at Hampton Roads Urgent Care see patients on a walk-in basis when your primary care physician may not be available.