high school athleteParticipating in sports during high school can bring many physical, social, and mental health benefits in student athletes. They can even increase ones overall well being. Even though they do bring many benefits, they can also lead to the risk of unintentional injuries. To the many health benefits of being a high school athlete, and ways our clinic can help incase their does come a time of an unintentional injury… keep reading.

Physical Health Benefits

The CDC recommends that adolescents get 60 minutes of physical activity a day. Participating as a student athlete is a great way to get the recommended amount of physical activity, while having fun and gaining other beneficial lessons.

Mental Health

Sports can encourage team work, mental toughness, and determination. They can also increase an athlete’s time management skills when it comes to balancing school work. Studies have shown that student athletes are more likely to make better grades then non athletes. Maintaining good grades can eliminate stress that may arise in an athlete’s busy schedule.

Overall Well Being

With the many benefits that sports bring, it can increase an athlete’s overall wellbeing. Whether it’s physical, social, or emotional, sports often bring much joy to a student’s life.

Risk of Injury

Even though sports promote many health benefits, they come with the risk of obtaining an injury. Know that our clinic serves as a resource to the Hampton Roads community. One of the specialties at HRUC is Orthopaedic Medicine. Our clinic can provide medical treatment for minor fractures, sprains, strains, and so much more. We offer onsite x-ray services, along with direct access to board certified orthopaedic specialists.

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