hand washingIf you are a parent or teacher, you can never be too prepared or cautious when it comes to preventing the spread of germs among your students or children. Reducing the spread of germs and implementing healthy behaviors is key when it comes to preventing certain viral and bacterial infections. With the new school year quickly approaching, consider using these healthy tips to prevent common illnesses and keep your kids and students healthy!  

Proper Hand Washing is Key

Our hands are constantly coming into contact with germs throughout the day, especially children. Washing hands is a simple practice anyone can implement that can help reduce the spread of germs tremendously. The CDC recommends washing hands for 20 seconds with soap and water to kill those germs!

Another helpful tip is to keep hand sanitizer handy. In case there isn’t a sink around, hand sanitizer can also be used to kill those germs.     

Disinfect Surface Areas

Surface areas are common places germs can be found. Disinfecting them will help kill and decrease the spread of germs.

Clorox and Lysol disinfecting wipes are easy, convenient, and do a great job when it comes to cleaning surface areas. They even make on the go wipes, which can always come in handy.

Watch Where You Put Your Hands

Our hands constantly come into contact with germs throughout the day, especially when talking about children. When hands come into contact with the eyes, mouth, or nose, the risk of transmitting an infection increases.   

Have the Sniffles?

Be sure to inform your students and children to avoid sneezing into their hands! That’s one way to really spread germs to others. Promote sneezing into the elbow instead!

Feeling Under the Weather?

If your child is feeling under the weather, having them stay at home and rest is best as they could be contagious and infect others. If you are a teacher and notice that a student is feeling ill, be sure to send them to the nurse so they can be examined.  

How HRUC Can Help

One of the specialties at HRUC is General Medicine. When choosing HRUC, you’re choosing convenience, affordability, and great care! There will be no need to schedule an appointment, because walk-ins are welcome! This is especially convenient for busy schedules during the school year. Hours extend beyond typical business hours, Monday-Friday 8:00am-7:00pm, as well as on Saturdays from 10:00am-4:00pm.