achey jointsTaken a nasty fall on the basketball court or got tripped up on the football field? While most sports injuries aren’t too serious, it can often be difficult to decide when you should take your child or yourself to a doctor. Hopefully, these tips will help you make that important decision.

If you are experience any of these symptoms, go to an urgent care:


  • The bone is out of place


If your bone feel out of place or crooked, this could be an indication of a break or a dislocation.


  • You can’t bear any weight on it


If walking off the pain is nearly impossible without significant pain, you may have a break, fracture, tear or a severe sprain. HRUC treats minor fractures, sprains and strains and we have on-site radiology serves for patients.  


  • The pain is unbearable


Can no longer bear the pain? The injury may be more serious than you think that it is. A doctor can diagnose the injury and help with pain management.

If you remember these tips and try to be in tune with your symptoms then you can better handle a sports injury. Our urgent care welcomes walk-ins and gives you the chance to avoid the hefty ER bill.