healthy eatingAs the holidays are fast approaching, it can become difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle during these busy days. The most important part when going through the holiday season is to maintain balance in your diet and lifestyle. 

  1. Portion control. Those buffets can be dangerous, especially when going up for a second or third serving. You don’t have to eat everything being served. 
  2. Eat slowly and wait 10 minutes. Often time we eat so quickly that our stomachs don’t have a chance to tell us when we are full. Take your time to savor your food and wait before going up for more. 
  3. Keep your body in motion! Enjoy the winter weather outside with your family. Physical activity can also lower your stress level. 
  4. Don’t forget to get some sleep! A lack of sleep can often mean you are more tired, lethargic and hungry to for fuel (or food). Get those 8 hours of sleep. 

Most of all remember what the holiday season is truly about and celebrate those times with family and friends.