Pre-employment physicals can be a necessary component in the start of a new job. The focus of pre-employment physical and other employment physicals is to assess your ability to fulfill your required job duties.  At Hampton Roads Urgent Care we work together with employers and employees every day to ensure effective assessment is given.

There are a variety of pre-employment and employment physicals an employer could request including:

  • Drug and Alcohol
  • Physical Ability
  • Respirator Fit Test
  • Hearing and Vision
  • Flexibility and Strength

While each physical will vary depending on the type of physical requested by your employer, you can typically expect to have the following accessed.

  • Record your height, weight, blood pressure and pulse
  • Check your reflexes, joints, heart, lungs, eyes and ears
  • Discuss your medical history, including an medication your currently taking

To prepare for your physical, you will want to bring with you any necessary forms, a valid driver’s license, and your medical history including if you’ve had any past surgeries, medications you’re taking and any allergies.

Need to come in for your pre-employment or employment physical? Contact our office today to learn more.