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If you are not sure when to choose the ER or an urgent care for an injury or illness, then you will find this blog helpful.

What injuries should you got to ER for?
The ER is where one should go for medical emergencies. You may be asking yourself… what conditions account for medical emergencies?
Some examples of medical emergencies include, but NOT limited to troubled breathing, head injuries, deep wounds, severe burns, choking, severe chest pain or pressure, or a broken bone that seems to be pushing through the skin. If you happen to suffer from injuries like these, or begin to have these symptoms, then you should seek medical treatment at the Emergency Room.

What injuries should you go to Urgent Care for?
An urgent care can be beneficial for an array of general health concerns such as the flu, sinus infections, or pneumonia. A great thing about urgent care clinics is that they do not require an appointment, and walk-ins are welcome. This provides convenience for times you are unable to see your primary care provider. Urgent cares are typically open beyond traditional business hours, which can provide ease for those that may not have flexible schedules. Injuries that urgent care visits typically treat for include minor fractures, sprains, or strains. Many can even provide sports physicals. Wait times are typically less than the ER, and you also get to avoid that hefty ER bill.
Please note- that all urgent cares are different, and some may provide certain services and treat for particular injuries where other urgent cares may not.
ERs are great resources and provide great care! We are not discouraging you from going there, but only letting you know of other options in the community that will also provide you with medical treatment, great care, and likely more financially beneficial and time saving for non emergency injuries or sicknesses.

Still Unsure?
If you are unsure whether your condition should be treated for at the ER or an urgent care, call a medical professional. If you have any doubt that is a medical emergency, don’t hesitate to call 911.

How HRUC Can Help
Our clinic treats for an array of non-emergency medical conditions for general medicine, orthopaedic medicine, and occupational medicine with no appointment necessary. HRUC provides convenience, with hours extended beyond traditional business hours from 8am-7pm Monday- Friday, and on Saturdays from 10am-4pm. Walk-ins are also welcome.
To learn more about the illnesses and injuries that HRUC treats, be sure to check out .