exerciseIt may be easy to slack on your diet and get away from your normal gym routine during the holiday season. With Thanksgiving wrapping up, the seemingly endless amounts of leftovers and upcoming holidays may make it hard to stay on track. If that is something you or someone you know is struggling with, keep reading! Listed below are some healthy tips that can keep you on track, while still enjoying the holiday season!

Finding Ways to Get Physical Activity During this BUSY Time:
Even though you may not have as much time to go to the gym with the holiday festivities, there are other ways to burn calories and get moving! For example, did you know that pushing a shopping cart can burn up to 105-155 calories for someone 125-185 pounds in just 30 minutes?

At home workouts are also an option. While enjoying the holiday movie marathons, floor exercises for abs, legs, or pushups can be incorporated! This allows you to still get a workout in, while enjoying your favorite Christmas movie. If these are not something you regularly do, be sure to consult with a fitness specialist or medical professional to make sure that these exercises are right for you.

Moderation is Key, Find a Balance

Cookies, desserts, and pies… it’s hard not to indulge when everything looks and tastes so good. Remember, never deprive yourself of foods. Moderation is key, and enjoying those holiday treats in moderation is just fine.

Most Importantly: Don’t be Hard on Yourself, and Enjoy the Season!

Physical health is not the only aspect of wellness. The mental and emotional aspects of health are important too.  Enjoy the holiday season, and spend time with loved ones. If you miss that workout, don’t beat yourself up over it, try to make the next one. If you eat that extra Christmas cookie, it’s going to be okay.
The New Year will be here before you know it, and what better time for a fresh start.

From all of us here at HRUC, we wish everyone a Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!