orthopaedic treatment Hampton Roads VAUrgent cares can provide many services that you may not be aware of, especially when talking about HRUC!  Our clinic was the first on the peninsula to provide the three specialties of orthopaedic, general, and occupational medicine under one roof. This blog will provide you with a few of the services that we provide in our clinic!


  • Sports physicals and pre-employment exams


If you are a high school athlete, you must undergo a sports physical each year prior to the sports season. If that is something you still need, know HRUC provides them year round. Many employers also require pre-employment physical exams. If that is something you are in need of before starting a new job, know HRUC does that too.


  • Minor Fractures and Sprains


Been injured on the court? Maybe you fell at work? Or maybe you did something funny at the gym in that new workout class. Whatever caused the injury, know that one of the specialties at HRUC is orthopaedic medicine. Our clinic can provide treatment for minor fractures and sprains along with offering direct access to board certified orthopaedic specialists. If you are in need of more specialized care, know that a specialist is right next door!


  • Immunizations


The immunizations that we provide here in our clinic include Tetanus, Flu, T-Dap, Hep B, Hep A, and PPD.


  • Treatment for general illnesses


Have a sore throat, fever, ear infection, or runny nose? Maybe you have even had symptoms of a UTI. No worries. HRUC provides medical treatment for all of those illnesses!

So next time you are not able to make an appointment with your PCP, or want to avoid that hefty ER bill and long wait time, think of the many ways HRUC can provide you with the care you are looking for, and opportunity of convenience and affordability!

To learn more about the many more services HRUC provides, visit: https://www.hamptonroadsurgentcare.com/what-we-treat/