What is Tendinitis?

2018-07-09T07:41:08+00:00July 20th, 2018|Blog|

Tendinitis is defined as the inflammation of a tendon. The common areas tendinitis affects is the shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, and heels. Common Symptoms People suffering from tendinitis often face a dull aching pain in the irritated joint, along with tenderness and minor swelling. Can it be prevented? One can help prevent tendinitis by stretching. [...]

Feeling Sluggish? Learn 3 Possible Reasons Why

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Low on energy and feeling overall sluggish? Keep reading to find out potential reasons why, and ways to fix it.     Have a Healthy Sleep Schedule   A person’s age has an impact on the recommended amount of sleep they should get each night. For example, adults aged 26-64 years should get 7-9 hours,, [...]

Dr. Dan Naumann Named to 2018 ‘Top Doc’ List

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Coastal Virginia magazine named Dr. Dan Naumann to the ‘Top Doc 2018' list. The ‘Top Docs’ issue will feature over 500 physicians recognized as ‘Top Doc’ in their specialty and will appear in the September print issue of the Coastal Virginia magazine. The ‘Top Docs’ were determined by a peer to peer survey which was [...]

What is Heat Exhaustion?

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Summer is here and so are higher temperatures; these high temperatures can lead to heat exhaustion. Heat Exhaustion is a condition that affects our body’s ability to regulate its internal temperature, leading to overheating. Common Symptoms: Some common symptoms of Heat Exhaustion noted from the Mayo Clinic include cool, moist skin with goose bumps when [...]

4 Health Benefits of Swimming

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Looking for a new workout routine? Have you ever thought of swimming? Swimming brings many health benefits including weight loss, it’s good for joint and heart health, and promotes overall well-being. Good for Weight Loss Swimming can help with weight loss since it’s a high calorie burning exercise. To put that into perspective, someone swimming [...]


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As we begin to get closer to summer and swim team season, a common sickness many swimmers and water lovers will encounter is swimmers ear. You may be asking yourself… What is swimmers ear? Swimmers ear is an ear infection of the outer ear caused when water is left in the ear canal, allowing for [...]

What is Salmonella?

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Due to the recent Salmonella outbreak that caused eggs recalls throughout nine states, many may wonder… what is it? Where does it come from? How do I avoid getting sick from it? If you are unsure of what Salmonella is, keep reading! You will find this blog helpful. Salmonella is a bacteria that causes the [...]