exercise injuriesNobody wants to suffer from an injury while playing a sport or exercising. Even though many injuries are unavoidable and unintentional, there are some precautions you can take to help avoid potential injuries.

Stretching allows our muscles to be flexible and sustain a range of motion. This range of motion decreases the risk of joint pain, strains, or muscle damage when participating in physical activity.

Hot and Cold Therapy
While playing a sport or exercising, you may suffer from strains, sprains, and pulled muscles that result in swelling and inflammation. Use ice immediately to take down swelling and to numb the pain. After using cold therapy, heat therapy can be used for lingering pain and soreness. It’s important to note when using heat therapy, you may apply directly it to the skin, taking caution not to burn yourself with temperatures that are too intense. If your skin begins to redden noticeably, remove the heat to give it a rest. Unlike heat, do not apply ice directly to the skin. This may result in damage to the skin and nerves.

If you are not feeling well, or are suffering from soreness, don’t over- do it. Take the adequate amount of rest you need until you are feeling better. Over doing it will do nothing but make the situation worse, and potentially cause a more severe injury.

It’s important to remember to hydrate before and after physical activity. Whether it’s hot or cold outside, dehydration can still occur. It’s also important to drink not only when thirsty and to replace the fluids you lost after working out.

How HRUC Can Help
If you suffer from an injury while playing a sport or exercising, or become dehydrated, keep HRUC in mind. HRUC provides medical treatment for general health illnesses such as dehydration, along with treatment for minor fractures, sprains, and acute injuries. HRUC also offers direct access to orthopaedic experts from HROSM. Hours are extended beyond traditional business hours from 8am-7pm Monday –Fridays, and on Saturdays from 10am-4pm. No appointments are necessary, and walk- ins are always welcome!