exerciseSchools out for the summer!  With so many potential summer activities and things to do, you don’t want to miss out on them by being a couch potato and binge watching the latest season on Netflix. Instead, try stepping outside and getting some fresh air, and gaining several health benefits along the way. To find out what those are, keep reading.

Source of Vitamin D

Did you know that the sun is a good source of Vitamin D? Vitamin D can bring many health benefits such as help maintain bone health, support the immune system, and even support lung and cardiovascular health.  

Physical Activity

Going outdoors and playing outside, taking on a sport, or even going for an afternoon walk are great sources of physical activity. Getting the recommended amount of physical activity is significant for one’s health. It is recommended that children and adolescents get 60 minutes of physical activity daily . Physical activity can bring several health benefits including controlling ones weight, promoting good heart heath, and supporting bone health.

Beneficial for Overall Wellbeing

Getting some fresh air can be great for ones overall well being. It can improve one’s overall mood, and allow the option of a variety of different activities compared to only sitting indoors and watching TV or playing video games.


Most importantly, being enjoying some interactive outdoor activities can be fun!

Healthy Tips

It can definitely get hot during the summer. Be sure to take breaks indoors to cool off. When playing outside, one should be sure to wear sun block with at least an SPF of 15, reapplying at least every two hours. Don’t forget to wear secure shoes to help avoid unintentional injuries (tennis shoes vs. flip flops), put on bug spray, and hydrate!