physical activityGetting the recommended amount of physical activity in your daily life can bring many health benefits including improved mood, heart health, and helps to maintain a healthy weight. Many of us have busy schedules, which makes it hard to fit in a workout or exercise routine. If you are often faced with a busy schedule, there may be ways to implement physical activity into your daily life that you haven’t thought of before.

Take the Stairs
Taking the stairs can be a great way to burn some extra calories, get your heart rate going, and your body moving. If you are someone who has the option to choose between stairs or the elevator, think about all of the additional activity you can be implementing into your day.

Park farther away
Parking closer to the store or work entrance may be more convenient. Though, parking farther away can allow you to take several more steps, and burn some extra calories. If you think about all of the errands and everyday tasks completed each day, that can really add up.

Go for a Walk on your Lunch Break
As we approach the spring, weather will be getting warmer. If you have a few extra minutes, try implementing a nice walk on your lunch break. It will be a nice get away from the office, and allow for some fresh air after a long morning at work. Try inviting some coworkers to join. Not only will you be getting an extra workout in but a social session as well!

So next time you aren’t able to get that workout in you wanted, think about some other ways you implement physical activity into your busy schedule!